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The TeamFirst leadership team has been running software teams for decades. Over the years we found that even if we put the “best” people together in a team, this did not automatically mean the team would perform well and have quality output. Friction or issues within teams distract people from doing their best work. We realised that it could take upward of 2 or more months for management or team leadership to notice friction or issues between team members. By the time these problems are identified, it is often too late to rectify, as people are unhappy, already disconnecting from the team, and even ready to resign completely. This results in an extraordinary effort on behalf of the company to save the situation.

We all know the situation; everything appears to be going well with a team and the next moment all hell breaks loose and people are ready to resign and clients are ready to fire the company. We knew there must be a better way of doing this, and we created TeamFirst in 2016. From the first time we ran our first iteration, TeamFirst showed exactly where the issues were, allowing us to intervene immediately. Not only that, it also showed us who our stars were, enabling us to be better at recognition and thanking our people.

Leadership team

Martin Dippenaar
Sergio Barbosa
Lorén Rose
Ross Pickford
Sean Cleworth
Gunnar Bijker