Get early insight into your teams and drive your company culture.

Perfect for remote, distributed teams and organizations.

Fully functional, no credit-card details required.

For Teams

Know how you fit into your team and the company. Rate yourself and your team members and give feedback. See how best to work with your colleagues and understand them better. See how your team is doing as a whole. Express yourself.

TeamFirst Screenshot
TeamFirst Screenshot

For People and Team Managers

Know which team members are conflicting before they know. Know who are doing great and who are disconnecting. Know who needs intervention due to technical or social difficulties. Know the sentiment of a person, team or your entire organisation. Intervene in time.


Continuous Review

Real-time, continuous 360 degree reviews and objective project reviews with instant feedback to people and managers


Track the general trend of sentiment in your company and in your projects


Leaderboard shows most engaged, highest rated employees and best projects


Shows which people are in conflict, which employees are disengaged, and which employees are having technical or social difficulties within a team

Drill Down

Drill-down on people and project metrics for enhanced insight into what is happening in your business

Configure Your Culture

Change system questions and values to fit your culture and company. TEAMFIRST comes configured with default, carefully thought through questions, but you can change them to suit your business

Compare Yourself

Allows Managers to see how teams and the company compares to other similar companies around the world

Export & Import

Export data to HR systems. Manage users in bulk by importing employee details in bulk


Pay Monthly Pay Yearly (saving you 10%)
per person per month
per person per year

Fully functional, no credit-card details required

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